alyssa papachristos // designer & artist

about the artist

Alyssa Papachristos has taught herself the ins-and-outs of the design world since the age of fifteen. Quickly growing into a passion, she went on to graduate with a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Sacred Heart University, where she got her first job as Digital Artist at a fast-paced, talent-driven agency.

Now with a five years under her belt, she possesses the confidence to provide art direction. As head of creative on a retailer’s demo account, she's learned to think logically, stay inquisitive, and master the high-demand workload and unrealistic deadlines of advertising.

Attentive to direction, and having a thirst for expressing herself creatively, Alyssa does not like to be bored. By building concepts from the ground up, she's learned to multi-task effortlessly and manage multiple projects and deadlines at once. Making time management a priority, she never misses a deadline.


Photoshop//Illustrator//InDesign//iPad//Apple Pencil//Wacom Tablet//Word//Powerpoint//After Effects

Areas of expertise

Logo design//Advertising//Page layout//Powerpoint decks//Illustration//Photo manipulation//Photo retouching//Banner ads

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